#1 configure with hdf5 error by Byeonghyeon 16.06.2021 08:29

Hi developers,

Currently, I'm trying to install FLEUR 5.1 with hdf5 and wannier90.

with this tag " ./configure.sh -libdir PATH -wannier TRUE ", I've succeeded to install with wannier90,
but when I tried " ./configure.sh -libdir PATH1 -wannier TRUE -libdir PATH2 -hdf5 TRUE ", FLEUR cannot find the directory of hdf5.

Also, the auto installation (from the source code) of hdf5 keeps failing.

I need your helps.


#2 RE: configure with hdf5 error by Gregor 16.06.2021 13:01

How did you download Fleur? The -hdf TRUE option is only avalible if you clone it from the git repository:


git clone --branch release https://iffgit.fz-juelich.de/fleur/fleur.git

and then it should work.

If it doesn't work with that starting point we need to have a closer look at the output of the configure script call and the error messages. Could you prvovide that data?

(Note: This hint actually came from Matthias.)

#3 RE: configure with hdf5 error by Byeonghyeon 17.06.2021 10:13

Oh it works!

Thanks a lot :)

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